Create your own paw print bauble with our prints at home kits!


Your prints at home kit includes:

  • Three paint colours (one for prints, one for writing, one for decorating)

  • One brush for writing

  • One sponge stick for painting paws

  • Felt tip for planning writing

  • Sponge (for cleaning off mistakes and also for decorating edges)

  • Two cotton buds for dots

  • Instructions


We have special colours that we use for prints and writing. The colours make great prints and as pets may wriggle and you may get a smudged print, you can just wipe the paint off the pottery with a damp sponge and try again! It makes doing your own prints stress-free! The same goes for the writing - if you make a mistake, simply wipe it off with a damp sponge and have another go.


Choose your three paint colours from the colour chart photo then select them from the drop-down menus.


Try to dab the paint just one the pads, not the fur. If your pet has long fur, try and trim it around the pads.


The colours will look pale when you use them but they will become bright and shiny when the pottery is fired.


Everything is yours to keep and reuse. Just return the pottery to us for firing. 

Christmas bauble - for pet paw prints, baubles