This very festive Christmas tree lantern has just arrived - and it's really lovely! They have a little separate base for a tealight. We recommend a battery powered tealight for your safety. Tell us your colour change requests at the checkout.


Get creative with our pottery painting at home kits!


The kit includes:

  • Your pottery item

  • 6 paints in resealable pots

  • 1 brush

  • 2 cotton buds (for dots and eyes)

  • Instructions


Colours: The kit includes red, yellow, mid blue, light purple and lime green pottery paints, and a small amount of black for details. 


The colours will look pale when you use them but they will become bright and shiny when the pottery is fired.


If you have any special requests for colours, please let us know.


Everything is yours to keep and reuse. Just return the pottery to us for firing. 


Adult supervision is recommended.

Festive Christmas tree lantern