Create your own special plate for Santa with this kit. 


Turn your child's hand or footprint  into a cute reindeer!


We recommend a footprint for babies younger than 8 months as getting good hand prints is difficult with young babies.


The kit includes:

  • Your pottery item

  • 3 paints in resealable pots

  • 2 brushes

  • 1 cotton buds (for eyes)

  • 1 sponge stick for dots and red nose

  • 1 felt tip

  • Sponge

  • Paper plate

  • Instructions


Colours: The kit includes reindeer brown, red and a tiny bit of black paint for the eyes.


The colours will look pale when you use them but they will become bright and shiny when the pottery is fired.


If you have any special requests for colours, please let us know.


Everything is yours to keep and reuse. Just return the pottery to us for firing. 


Adult supervision is recommended.




Tip: Before you start: It's a great idea to practise doing the print with water first and then do it with paint!

Wash your child's hand or foot with a wet sponge, don't use a wipe as they are oily.


1. Paint child's hand or foot with the reindeer brown paint and press firmly onto the plate. We recommend a footprint until at least 8 months old as hand prints are difficult for young babies

If it goes wrong, wipe the print off the plate with a damp sponge (sponge included) and have another go.

2. Use the felt tip to plan your writing and if you have done a footprint, draw on anters. The felt tip vanishes when it's fired. If you're not happy, do it again. The felt tip WILL disappear. It's just for planning.

3. Use the cotton buds to add eyes

4. Put some red paint onto the paper plate. Use the sponge stick to add a red nose.

5. Use a small brush to paint the anters and writing. We can do this for you if you wish.

6. Add dots around the rim using the sponge stick.


If you'd like us to help with the writing, please write the child's name on the back in felt tip and we'll add the words, as shown in the photo above. To Santa love Name x


Plate for Santa kit, reindeer hand or footprint design